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Lexy is working on one of the greatest challenges in AI and natural language processing.

We are combining technology with human knowledge to eliminate fundamental limits to communication and learning.

Lexy is a team of technologists who have built products with global impact.

Lexy is backed by the best seed investors in the world. We have an ambitious and contrarian strategy for solving this problem, which will take smart, passionate people and a lot of very hard work.

If you're an engineer who loves language, please get in touch.


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Andrew Stewart

Andy created visualisations of construction projects in London, then liked the weather in Sydney so much he moved there and created an interactive weather map. He developed mobile apps and a survey tool at RocketBoots before branching out of the front-end on a DDoS monitoring pipeline at Arbor Networks.
Andy has worked as a chef and taught at an art school, one day he hopes to become a yoga instructor so long as it doesn't involve growing up.

Mick Johnson, CEO

Mick was the Head of Product for Facebook mobile, as they grew from 400 million to a billion users. He joined Facebook by acquisition of the YC-funded Whereoscope. Mick founded GasBag with Alex, #1 in navigation in the App Store's first years.
In a past life, Mick spent years studying martial arts, including 2 years learning Karate in Japan. He's now swapped that for the esoteric discipline of finding where his son has hidden the car keys.

Adam Schuck

Adam led discovery at Twitter and built the Twitter NYC engineering team. He joined Twitter by acquisition of Julpan, where he built the world's best real-time social search. Adam was Google's first engineering hire in Australia, where he was a tech lead with Alex.
Adam recently moved back to Sydney after 5 years in NYC, trading the hustle and bustle for the amazing beaches and coffee. He can still be found late at night attempting to turn any evening's plans into a Karaoke night.

Jeremy Apthorp

Jeremy was a founding engineer at Transcriptic, where he worked on planning and scheduling, front-end web apps, and robotics (and learned a lot about E. coli). Before Transcriptic, he wrote a lot of C++ working on Chrome at Google Australia.
Jeremy makes video games and generative art in his spare time. He has a lot of opinions about static typing, and rides his skateboard to work.

Michael Hills

Mike paravirtualised Linux/Android at Open Kernel Labs before going full-stack at Posse, where he also bootstrapped the Manila team. He built foundational back-ends, web, and mobile clients for multiple startups at First Order.
Mike is a Kaggle Master. He also has a special interest in audio applications, and built an iOS app to teach himself to play the violin. He uses whistle commands to control his TV, which occasionally turns itself on (or off) unexpectedly.

Alex North

Alex led data model and communication protocols for Google's Wave and rallied the team to open sourcing Apache Wave. He then built the engineering culture and an untouchable team for Posse, where he first worked with Mike.
Alex’s first passport has stamps from all seven continents, and he’s half way through the next round. If we had a band, he’d play bass guitar and sing. If we had a band…

Kip Kaehler

Kip was one of the first engineers at Nextdoor where he spent his formative years bouncing around the organization from backend infrastructure to business development while making neighborhoods stronger and safer worldwide.
With a strong penchant for last minute flights, Kip can rarely be found far from a large mountain or body of water where he likes to Ski, Kite, Surf, Wakeboard and find new and interesting ways to pay large baggage fees.

The culture we aim for

Do more with less

We want to change the world while keeping our team small - keeping our culture and values strong.

We own decisions individually, and value a rapid, informed decision over perfection. We embrace transparency to spread knowledge and build trust.

Put the team first

This effort is a family one, for all of us. We succeed or fail together, and so we choose colleagues with more empathy than ego.

We practice a moment of mindfulness every time we meet.

Find the new limit

We prefer principled reasoning to default acceptance of the norm, and in doing so reject some widely-held beliefs.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation and can put our mission before profit.